Ranma Gets A Clue

A Fanfiction series authored by, Robert "Asayogure" McAdams

The final, final, final chapter to Ranma Gets A Clue, has been posted. The epilogue you all have been bugging me about for so long, is now up. I will be notifying long time fans of the series shortly. I will post it to FF.NET, the FFML, and R.A.A.C. soon after. Enjoy the story, I enjoyed writing it for you all. I am writing a novel I am going to try to get published, so remember my name :)


Holy cow, I have actually done it! I have re-written the ending for the story, and I have almost finished the promised epilogue. Give me 2-6 years, and hey, I will get the job done! I am just awesome like that \^o^/

While I was at it, I also threw up a new-ish site design, just because. Hope you like it.

Below, you will find a shiny new link for newly created chapter 12. Chapter 12 is the second half of the old chapter 11. It is the entirely re-written ending chapter to Ranma Gets a Clue, which I started way back in 2001, and I am just now getting around to finishing after promising for so long to do so (see! I did keep my promise! Hah!). I will probably never touch this story again. It needed to be finished properly, but looking at my writing from so long ago is now painful to me -- which is why I only actually rewrote just this one chapter, instead of doing that with all of the chapters as I have reformatted them, and cleaned them up a little bit. What I know now about writing, compared to what I knew then, is depressing. I hope that when I post my next story here, you will see what I mean. It is a Star Wars story, so I hope you like change. ^_-

Anyway, unlike with the new chapter 11 (which, along with all of the rest of the chapters, was just cleaned up), I really have actually re-written this entire chapter. There are entirely new (large) sections to this new chapter, which was broken off from the old chapter 11, to make its own chapter (where it belonged in the first place). The lead up to the climax is now fleshed out and not just a few lines saying briefly what they did, and where they went, and the climax has now been re-written to better reflect my writing style as it is now (not completely, I didn't start from scratch, I just edited things as best I could, or re-wrote small sections of things where appropriate), and also to tie up some loose ends a little better. Some sections have been left more or less alone, except for the hundreds of comma and tense errors I am trying to fix, and the multitude of minor errors I am correcting. I am also rewriting the major battle scene in the center of the story to clean some of that up. This chapter is by no means perfect -- but it is as perfect as you are going to get from free fanfiction on the Internet with no actual formal editing process ^_-

Please feel free to send me your reviews/thoughts/etc. on this chapter, unless I have ever called you on the carpet before for any past behavior -- then your banning still applies =P~. Chapter 12 is basically a new chapter to this story, based on the old way I ended the story (the ending events haven't changed, in case you were wondering, but the aftermath has had a significant new section of story added to it). So reviews, etc. are welcome.

The long fabled, and promised, epilogue is on it's way, and yes, it will be tying up all of the major loose ends that are still remaining. I will be posting it here first, before I send it to the rest of the internet at large. So, all of you long time fans will get first crack at it. I will be putting it here on the site's RSS feed first, then the site itself, and at the same time I will send out a notice to everyone who has sent me an e-mail since I posted the old chapter 11, notifying you all of the newly posted epilogue.


I am still writing, but the pacing is slooooow. I am still trying to release a re-write of the entire RGAC series, as well as a new ending chapter split up, and a brand new epilogue which will resolve some things that people have been bugging me about since I finished the story. I am also getting ready to have some people look at an original novel of mine, which I would like to actually get published. The novel is going to be similar in story and tone, to the movie Hackers (which, if you haven't seen it yet, you need to go rent it today, seriously. It is my favorite movie of all time, ever!).

If you like my writing and want to see more of it, remember my name: Robert McAdams, I am going to try to publish an original novel of my own that I am working on (hopefully under the TOR label [crosses fingers]) sooner or later [sighs].

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Fan Reviews

And now, from the "no reason whatsoever, other than the because I can file." We present, selected fan reviews! [cue fanfare and trumpets -- I kid, I kid]

What follows are some of my favorite comments, reviews, and notes I have received over the years. I have pulled these out of the reviews for RGAC from fanfiction.net, mediaminder.org, and from my vast e-mail history of C&C and e-mailed reviews. And yes, I can produce all of the records to show that every single one of these came from a real person's reviews, if you are the doubting type. ^_-

"Dude. This isn't just quality fanficiton. This is quality FICTION. Comprable [sic] to some of the greater authors of our time." (ed. hands down, my favorite review I have ever gotten)
--Anonymous Californian from Yahoo!

"oh my god. i'm so glad this site is still up. geez, it brings back so many memories. i'm glad you decided to write again. you are very, very skilled. i enjoy your stories so much. i remember when you only first started this series. you were still only on like chapter 2. that must have been... at least 5 years ago. i was so entranced, it touched something in me, ya know? thank you for your efforts in giving me, all of us, this great treasure." (ed. if that isn't an "aw, shucks" quote, I don't know what is \^o^/)

"I love your story. It's very emotional at points and I could almost feel the emotions the characters gave off. You're an excellant [sic] writer."

"Truthfully I have no clue how I found you. I love Ranma 1/2 fan fiction and must have found your site at one time or annother. [sic] I remember your story and how much I loved it but never could find it again. So while cleaning out my old links I came across you again! I was so excited I litterally [sic] pulled my fiance in from the other room just to show him O.o So I guess you can say I got here by accident. [Additionally, I ] Just [wanted to say] that you are so talanted. [sic] I wish I had your writing talant [sic] but since I don't Ill just have to live with reading your story over and over and over again. And now since I found your site again don't think I won't ^_^." (ed. this one makes me laugh out loud every time I read it. It is also very touching.)
--Leo_the_lionus from Kansas

"Very enjoyable and sweet. A real love story"
--Mystic Rains

"I love the style you use, and I wish you'd write a sequel... *sigh*"

"Awesome work! A great chapter, I love it! Your detailed desrciptions [sic] are superb. [...] I can almost see it happening in the series if Ranma and Akane only opened up like that. Can't wait for your next chapter. Keep 'em coming! :)"

"[...] Best chapter ever! More, more, more!!" (ed. this quote just makes me laugh, I don't know why, I think it is because it evokes the image of the Simpsons "Comic Book Guy" saying it ^_-)

"[...] I hav [sic] a feelin this is gonna be on [sic] of thos [sic] really awesome Ranma 1/2 stories that hardly any1 [sic] ever dicoveres [sic] just because they're just so flippin great! [...]"
--Streaming Radiant Fire

"Awesome. Please continue to write this great fan fiction."

"I've read your story at least twice and I absolutely love it. I just rekindled my love for it recently when I stumbled upon in my bookmarks. Thanks for writing it."

"I think that ur [sic] stories are AMAZING!!!! I have loved every bit of all the stories u [sic] have wrote. So far, i think that ur [sic] THE BEST ranma fanfic writer i've read so far. [...]"

"Great story. you even had me crying at the end. [...]"
--gengen13 from Canada

"What curse on Ranma is mentioned in Chapter 1?" (ed. winner of the most confusing review ever sent to me)
--Anonymous from South Africa

I am interested in learning how you found this page and my story. If you have the time I would really like to know who is reading my stories, where they come from and how they came here. The information you send to me will never be sold or shared with anyone, this is just an informal survey, and a way for people to contact me.

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